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BE Food

At The Origin Beach Soul we have our own gastronomic style BE Food (Boho Ethnic Food)

Gastronomy at The Origin is a return to the origin, to the essentiality of the product. An anthem to real food, predominantly organic and unprocessed products, with a boho-Mediterranean essence.

At The Origin beach clubs you will find a committed gastronomy, inspired by products linked to history and territory, to the landscape and its people. Understanding the act of eating as a lifestyle. An integrating and holistic proposal through gastronomy.

The Origin is the search for beauty and harmony in naturalness, in dishes essentially made with 0Km and local fresh products. A fusion of the Mediterranean essence with the ancient gastronomic cultures of the world.

Pure flavors presented on natural, simple and clean materials, wooden, stone, ceramic or cast iron bases; materials that preserve and proudly display their imperfections and textures, that tell their story through each grain, irregularities and finds beauty in their abrupt and uneven surfaces.

It is the story of the passage of time, of the essence and nature. It is the story of the beginning and the end, The Origin story.

  1. Commitment to the environment, to the history of the towns and their people: ‘farm to table’ & km0 products.
  2. Ode to ancient cereals and legumes, unprocessed.
  3. Balance towards the organic product and committed to sustainability.
  4. Use of healthy fats: extra virgin olive oil as a common thread.
  5. Limited use of animal protein and exclusively protein committed to animal welfare.
  6. Priority to healthy cooking that preserve the organoleptic qualities of the food: undercooked, raw or steam.
  7. Commitment to natural products. No artificial colors or additives. Non-industrial product.
  8. Water as a purifying element. Signature tap water: hydrogenated water with high alkalinity and rich in antioxidants.
  9. Inspiration in the ancestors, in the purity of the primitive, in the pride of the mark of the passage of time: aesthetics without refining, search for character through imperfections and aging.
  10. Openness to universal techniques and good practices in line with THE ORIGIN BEACH SOUL philosophy.