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Feel your tribal soul


The Origin Beach Soul is the mediterraneity open to the world.

More than an experience, a lifestyle. An authentic oasis near the sea.
Its offer is chameleonic, adapting to seasonality and customers.

Sunset ritual & DJ

The spaces adapt to the mood and personal desires: from resting under the rays of the sun, listening to good music, sharing cocktails, soaking in seawater or enjoying a placid sunset to dining in privacy with the stars as the only one witness. Everything is possible at The Origin Beach Soul.

Maximum freedom: tea ceremony, “nests” experience, dinner and cocktails ..

Maximum experience: sunset, DJ sessions, private romantic dinners and much more …

Boho Ethnic Food

The Origin Beach Soul is an inclusive and universal experience. It offers gastronomy with the essence of Real Food, organic and natural, which emerges from the depths of the Mediterranean and opens up to the world. An ancestral connection with our origins.

Dishes with a very marked identity, use of noble products and techniques in communion with the essentiality of healthy gastronomy. A commitment to local products and km 0.

Boho Ethnic Food in pure, simple and authentic dishes, which combine past and present from a fresh and absolutely contemporary perspective, respecting the intrinsic attributes of the Mediterranean itself, as well as the essential principles of nature.

More than an experience, a lifestyle. Discover our Beach Clubs, authentic oasis with a tribal essence near the sea.


In The Origin Beach Soul you will discover a new concept of Beach Club that opens to the world.

You can book one of the private experiences that we offer in our Beach Clubs with its own BE Food (Boho Ethnic Food) gastronomic concept, with a strong real food philosophy, a creative signature cocktail bar and pure tribal essence.

Romantic dinners, group menus, tribal weddings, exclusive nests and VIP hammocks are some of the experiences that we offer at our beach clubs The Origin Beach Soul.

Join your beach tribe

Return to the essence, to the beauty of imperfection.
It is the beginning and the end of a whole.